Middle Space is a container for choreographic and improvisational experiments in live performance. As long time collaborators, Amelia and Leah create work alive in the present, embracing play, and leaving room for failure. Their current research includes the search for glamour within mundane spaces and experiences. 

Their company has been supported through residencies at Centre Pompadour, a neofeminist laboratory (Ercourt, France), Chez Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY), The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (Northampton, MA), and Chashama ChaNorth (Pine Plains, NY). They have presented work in Philadelphia, New York, Massachusetts, and France, and continue to conduct movement research for their upcoming projects. 


Amelia, originally from the Midwest, is a dance performer and maker based in NYC. She developed a love for the form from her mother, also a dancer. During her time living in Cincinnait, Ohio she was named a Performance and Time Arts Artist, facilitated an improvisation laboratory for dancers and musicians, and presented work at the Contemporary Arts Center.​ Since relocating to NYC she has been a Chashama ChaNorth Artist in Residence, Chez Bushwick Artist in Residence, and Associate Artist studying under Deborah Hay at Atlantic Center for the Arts. She has worked with Selene Carter (Bloomington, IN), MamLuft&Co Dance (Cincinnati, OH), Sara Shelton Mann (San Francisco, CA), Alexis Zaccarello (NYC), and Christine Bonansea Company with whom she additionally holds the role of administrative assistant (NYC/Berlin).


Leah is an improvisor, dancer, and dance-maker born and raised in Lewiston, Maine. She has collaborated with and performed in works by artists including Angie Hauser, Chris Aiken, Sara Shelton Mann, Jennifer Polins, Selene Carter, Shaina Cantino, Emily Lukasewski, and is currently in process with Barbie Diewald. She has been part of numerous site specific performances including Mill Town with Stephan Koplowitz at the Bates Dance Festival in 2017, at The Yard and along the Martha’s Vineyard coastline with OceA Wilderness Dance in 2015, and at the Indiana University Art Museum in 2013 and 2014. Her own work has been presented in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Indiana, and Massachusetts. She graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, focused in Contemporary Dance. Leah currently resides in Easthampton, MA with her cat, Chewie, where she works and teaches at The School For Contemporary Dance & Thought and Pioneer Valley Ballet.